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The GILARDY engagement ring – a handmade original. Made from exclusive and everlasting 18K yellow, rosé or white gold or 950 platinum – it is one of the most beautiful symbols of love that you can dedicate to the future queen of your heart. In our manufacture our goldsmiths fashion each ring in traditional manner for you. Thus we are able to 100% incorporate your wishes and individual preferences. There are no readymade rings at GILARDY - your ring will always be one of a kind and handmade.


Solitaire rings made from 18K white gold with cut diamonds, each 0,4 carat.

After you have chosen the shape and material of the ring with us, you may begin selecting your diamonds. You can choose the classic round cut, which achieves the highest reflection and refraction of light, which we then call sparkle or fire; or you go for another shape, like a heart, an oval or a step cut. You have a free and unlimited choice in your selection of size, the carat weight and also concerning the quality (inclusions, color and cut) of your gem. We will definitely find the right diamond for you, as we are working closely with the diamond traders in Antwerp, Tel Aviv and London – without and middlemen, in order to offer you the best prices.

All diamonds are certified by the leading institutes: GIA, HRD, IGI or DPL. To find out more about our diamonds, click here. After the ring has been poured in our precious metal workshop, it will be polished and refined in our goldsmiths workshop. After that, the diamond will be fitted by hand by one of your experienced gemstone fitters.

 Solitaire clamping ring made from 950 platinum with a round cut diamond 0,35 carat.

Solitaire rings made from 18K white gold with a quadruple prong setting and cut diamonds 0,7 and 0,5 carat.

Engagement rings made from 18K white gold and a cut diamond 0,04 carat in a four armed trellis setting.

You have a wide variety of fittings to choose from. We mostly use the sixfold or quadruple prong setting. However, we also make a bezel setting or the so called ‚flush setting‘ or even the tension setting within the band of the ring possible. After all this work, your ring may bring all the pleasure in the world to your future wife.
Who can say no to that?

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