GILARDY Fine Jewellery


Not only the materials, but also the skill of the craftsman give value and meaning to a piece of jewelry. This is the reason, why only the most experienced goldsmiths, are working in our manufacture to fashion our jewelry designs. Studio and manufacture are located in the heart of Germany, in the gemstone capital Idar-Oberstein. Here you can find extensive know-how and thorough attention to detail, which we want to share with our customers.

Every piece of GILARDY jewelry is handmade. From the first model to the final piece of jewelry – all parts of the process are undertaken by traditionally schooled goldsmiths. The gemstones are fitted onto the gold, platinum and silver with a lot of love for detail. It is only by ensuring this degree of craftsmanship and care, that we can keep our promise of long lasting quality and pleasure when wearing GILARDY jewelry.

Our in-house gemstone grindery is able to cut and polish any stone in the wanted shape or form. Of course, following your individual preference and personal wishes.


 Valuable rubies are cut and polished by hand.