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„Il tempo passa, l’amore resta“– a quote, which means to say that time may pass, yet love will last.  They are firmly engraved into the exceptional and sensual pieces of the GILARDY AMORE PER SEMPRE Collection. It is available in stainless steel and High-Tech Ceramics.


GILARDY AMORE PER SEMPRE rings made of stainless steel in five plating colors with and without diamonds/brilliants in 18K white gold setting

Stainless steel – a material and symbol of eternity. The rings and pendants of this GILARDY Collection are made from this extremely scratch resistant, premium material. Next to the Italian love quotes, some rings are adorned with real cut diamonds in a setting of 18K (750/000) white gold. The love quotes translated into English:

Il tempo passa, l'amore resta" – Time may pass, yet love will last (stainless steel rings without cut diamonds)

"Amore per sempre" – Love forever (stainless steel rings available with cut diamonds)

Both love quotes are also engraved on the matching ceramics pendants. The linking circles symbolize eternity and infinite love.

The GILARDY ring “Il tempo passa, l’amore resta” has become a renown classic among jewelry lovers.

The rings are crafted from 100% CERAMICON©, a high-tech ceramic that is harder and more scratch resistant than stone, using temperatures over 1300 degrees Celsius (2372 Fahrenheit). Next to their exceptional strength and a complete dermatological agreeability, these rings shine by means of their smooth surface, like nearly no other material in the jewelry trade. You will notice the high quality and value as soon as you take it in your hands for the first time and wear it. 

The engraved lines “Il tempo passa…” or “Amore per sempre” (Love for ever / Love in eternity) are real 18K (7500/000) white and yellow gold.

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