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Muses have been named as divine and ingenious sources of inspiration for artists since the beginning of Antiquity. Akin to a divine creation, we present the MUSA jewelry line. It fascinates by means of a wide array of minimalistic step cut gemstones, which are fitted stylishly on earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from 18K white, rosé and yellow gold. You may decide which will be your MUSA: amethyst, peridot, cairngorm, citrine quartz or tourmaline.

Zur kompletten GILARDY MUSA Kollektion

MUSA ring made from 18K rosé gold with a central tourmaline quartz and round pink tourmaline.

With this line we use a wide variety of different colored gemstones. Each piece we accompany from the careful choice of raw material to the grinding, cutting and polishing in our Idar-Oberstein manufacture. Those handpicked gemstones are then ready to be fitted to the precious metal – of course by hand. The large colorful gemstones shine in their best light, through the minimalist way the stone is set, where one barely notices the prongs. In this setting, the stone not only stands in the foreground, but more light is able to hit the surface and refract – making for a more colorful, vivid and brilliant appearance.

Zur kompletten GILARDY MUSA Kollektion

 Left: MUSA ring made from 18K yellow gold with central citrine quartz polished in a step cut and peridots in square cut to its sides. Right: MUSA charm made from 18K rosé gold with central light amethyst and a square cut amethyst above.

The step cut not only enables an especially exquisite look, but also reduces edge surface out in the open. This adds to the durability, especially of larger stones, which may otherwise be prone to breakage. Thus, one is able to wear larger pieces of expressive gemstone jewelry without the risk of damage.

Zur kompletten GILARDY MUSA Kollektion


Set of MUSA ring and earrings made from 18K rosé gold with dark cairngorm in step cut and red garnet polished in the square cut.

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