GILARDY Fine Jewellery


The colorful gemstones of this GILARDY design line sit like wonderfully formed water drops after tropical rain on their bands, necklaces and earrings. Through the minimalist design and special craftsmanship you cannot see any fitting of the stone under or around the gemstone whilst wearing your piece of GOCCIA jewelry.

GOCCIA rings made from 18K white, yellow and rosé gold with opalescent moonstone (top), citrine quartz (middle) and blue topaz (bottom).


A glow of the precious metals used for the setting with pieces fashioned with 18K white, yellow or rosé gold can be seen through the gemstones, and gives this jewelry line its irresistible character. GOCCIA jewelry is made from countless different colored gemstones, and thus also available made to measure, suiting your individual wishes. Drop by drop it is finest GILARDY design and craftsmanship.

GOCCIA rings made from 18K white, yellow and rosé gold with rhodolite garnet (top), citrine (mid-top), citrine quartz (mid-bottom) and garnet (bottom) in a cabochon cut.

The pieces of GOCCIA jewelry are available in many different colors and variations. The precious metals we use are 18K white, yellow and rosé gold. Adorning the pieces are colorful gemstones such as blue topaz, amethyst, cairngorm, pink quartz, pink and violet frost stone, prasiolite (also called green amethyst), rhodolite and citrine quartz. All rings and jewelry pieces are perfect for mix and matching, and can be worn to an array of different occasions – be it casual or elegant.

For an overview of the pieces of jewelry and their variations, just click on the images.