GILARDY Fine Jewellery

The U Campaign

Our Human Rights Collection is accompanied by an unmistakable finger sign. It is recognisable and easy to copy for everyone. It is the letter U from the sign language alphabet.

U stands for YOU. Because YOU are part of humanity, YOU should thus stand up and vouch for human rights! If YOU don't stand up - who will? Each one of us counts, every individual is important and valuable.

Become part of our Human Rights Community!

Make pictures of yourself or with friends, family, colleagues and more, when you are performing the human rights U-sign. Ideally with a peace of meaningful jewelry from our Human Rights Collection. For each peace bought, we give 5€ to Human Rights Watch. Post your images in Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more with the hashtag #gilardyjewels.

This is how we can set an example and a sign for human rights. Our community is growing each day, month by month.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your meaningful images!

With love,